Customized USA - Epoxy Resin, Unlimited Designs!

Customized USA - Epoxy Resin, Unlimited Designs!

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Click "Customize It" to be taken to the designer tool to add images/text to your design!  

As you're customizing your piece if you don't see a particular image you want to use (say, a specific unit that's not listed), message us by clicking "Message Us" on the lower left corner of your screen and we will get that added for you so you can continue designing.

Our 24" wide pieces start at $150 and our 35" wide piece starts at $260.  The size is measured from the west-most part of California running horizontally all the way to Maine.

Any custom engraving on the design is included for free - just pick and choose what images/logos/etc. that you want on your USA.  If you want a colored logo with tinted resin inlay, that's $5 extra per logo you want to add.  For example: if you want the 24" piece, you start at $150.  Then, you want to add a colored 82nd Airborne logo, a colored 1st Cavalry logo, and a plain engraved 3rd Infantry Division logo.  Your total would be $160 ($5 x 2 for the two colored logos).

Note: At the moment we only have the graphics for the US Army.  We are working on expanding to the other branches.